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  • We understand that you aren’t selling a product, you are putting ideas out into the world.
  • We understand that your online presence must support and extend your knowledge transfer goals.
  • We work with you to communicate the subtleties and complexities of you content in a clear way.

The Intellect Design Group is in the business of providing production services to academics for structuring, disseminating and archiving the work of research groups.

We develop custom online tools to ensure that the knowledge exchange objectives of your research group are met by delivering the desired content in a clear and timely way to partners, decision-makers, the community, the press or any other target group. These tools are also made to centralize and organize your work, and thus ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in communicating between your members.

Finally, we provide follow-up to ensure: that the research group’s online presence is kept up to date; and once projects are terminated, to archive your research accomplishments so they will continue to be available and useful to the academic and the wider community.

We are different than the others because we speak your language. Please feel free to get in touch with us to throw around ideas, ask questions, to address your concerns or to get a quote.

Intellect Design Group at CLIPP

November 11, 2016

Wow, I got a lot out of the "Grande rencontre du CLIPP 2016" symposium here in Montréal last week. The theme was the role of digital strategies in facilitating knowledge transfer and mobilisation. Right up our alley! The specific focus was psychosocial intervention and prevention, but all of the workshops related very well to all kinds of research.

The day started with a series of panelists in pairs showing off their knowledge-transfer projects. Also got some interesting stats showing that internet usage has become the norm in Québec: 90.9% report regular usage, banking 22 hours/week outside of work, and 73% using social media.

I caught three workshops, starting with a very stimulating overview of the place of web sites in knowledge transfer strategies. It is always nice to get out and exchange with people like Sylvain Ethier and Geneviève Morin working at a high level, especially around design/production methodology and usability. Lise Renaud took us through her annotated inventory of online knowledge-transfer tools. Then, I caught the end of a workshop on Twitter and picked up some good tips from Catherine Bazinet.

One take-home for me is the buzz around “Linked Data”. I have long dreamed of being able to pull data for researchers’ profiles directly off the Canadian Common CV. Maybe it will be possible on day!