Our Services

Ensure maximum impact and translation of your research and keep it up to date with our custom online solutions

The knowledge transfer needs of every research project are unique: whether modest or far-ranging in their scope; requiring innovative media strategies or just needing to get the essentials on-line. Intellect Design Group works in dialogue with you to establish and deploy the best solutions for your research—for the active life of your project and beyond.

I. What we do for you and why

Consulting sessions
for expert project planning

Websites, fully customized content management systems
for dissemination

Document and media repositories
for centralizing your internal working documents

Well structured and displayed content
for clear communication to peers, decision-makers, partners and the community

Knowledge exchange spaces
for dialogue

Social media presence and mailing lists
for maximum and flexible outreach

Surveys, quizzes and questionnaires
for data gathering

Timelines, maps, graphics
for data display

Video and audio production and integration
for increased media presence

Something missing? Contact us and we’ll provide the expertise you need.

II. Helping you keep it up to date

User-friendly administration interfaces
for real-time autonomous updates

How-to videos or written manuals
for fast and easy understanding of how it all works

Webmaster packages
for easy hands-free updates

Legacy design principles
for proper archiving and longevity of research

Get in touch if you have any questions. Find out more about the tools we use and other technical aspects of our work. Or check out the portfolio of work we have done for our clients.