Production Team

Rigorous, experienced and talented,
friendly and professional

The Intellect Design Group is a core of two experienced members, living in Montreal and Vancouver, Canada. To round out the team, we call on a variety of freelance collaborators with the specific expertise required. Our vibe is professional but easy-going, patient and rigorous. IDG holds high standards not only for our work but also for our client relations.

Our head office is in virtual space; this is our competitive strategy to attract creative and committed people and to be able to pass on savings to you due to low overhead.

Don Goodes, Owner and UI designer

Information and visual design – usability design and testing – content and account management

Strong analytic eye and advanced understanding of online communication. MA degree in art theory and 20 plus years of specialisation in developing content-based sites for academic clients.

514-622-9917 |

Daniel Hewes, programmer

Choice of technologies – programming

Always up to date on the most robust technical solutions, technically skilled in solving the most complicated challenges. 10+ years professional experience working in a variety of sectors including private health care, education and agency environments in UK, Australia, and Canada. Owner of Lambda Creatives Ltd.

Get in touch if you have any questions or want a quote. Check out the portfolio of work we have done for our clients. Or find out more about the tools we use and other technical aspects of our work.